Jacket imageKeyboard Skills for Reluctant Pianists:
A do-it-yourself manual for students

by Sue Anderson


The focus at the start of the book is on playing familiar, simple melodies by ear (CD included). Confident motor skills are developed at the keyboard using these tunes as raw material while learning more about musical structure and harmony. Later, notation is linked holistically to chord progressions and tunes that the ears and hands already know. The �keyboard skills� of playing by ear, transposing, improvising and keyboard harmony, often considered optional extras, are an integral part of learning to play the piano with this approach. The final section covers the use of the piano by singers and other musicians when teaching and studying repertoire.

The book, which comes complete with a CD of music examples, also features an accompaniment resource centre, a section about scale playing made easy, and a suggested 30-week timetable.

It is written for singers and instrumentalists entering higher music education who lack keyboard skills and/or basic theoretical knowledge. Pupils at GCSE level and above wanting to develop keyboard skills could also work independently from this book, as could adult beginners with additional information from a basic guide to music notation.

ISBN: 0-9552933-0-8 (Expected publication date: June 2006)
128 pp wiro-bound paperback with cartoon illustrations by Jeremy Long
Recommended retail price: �21.00 including CD

Publishers: Marco Publications
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Sue Anderson - short biography

The academic strand in my career began by reading music at Oxford, but I have become involved once again with research and writing about music after completing an MA in Psychology for Musicians at Sheffield University. My research dissertation about how professional singers learn and memorise repertoire led directly to the concept of �Keyboard skills for Reluctant Pianists.

Although I gave my Wigmore Hall debut recital as a solo pianist, I have worked for many years in the music profession as a singer. The doubtful blessing of �absolute pitch� led me towards performances of contemporary music throughout Europe, but I have also sung in the opera choruses at Glyndebourne and Covent Garden.

In my private teaching practice, I work with a mixture of singers and pianists; children, amateurs of all ages and advanced students. I also run courses twice a year at the Earnley Concourse for adults who want to sing, but think that they can�t. My ambition is always to find ways of working with students that are accessible, fun, open-ended, and that deal with real music from the very beginning.


A more detailed website is currently in preparation and will be available soon.
Sue Anderson, July 2017




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